I Only Managed to R*pe 7 Women and I Paid Them Off to Avoid Jail – Notorious Criminal Confesses

A deadly criminal and r*pist, has confessed that he only managed to r*pe 7 women by using tricycle drivers to lure them.

A notorious r*pist and criminal has confessed to r*ping atleast 7 women and pays them off to avoid going to jail. Emmanuel Nwobilo AKA Ukunwayin, a native of Umuwankwo area of Abia State, allegedly operated criminal activities of kidnapping, scam and r*pe before he was caught.
In a video posted online by an operative of the SARS in the state, Nwobilo, explained that since 2006 when he had been actively involved in crime, he had r*ped up to seven women.
He said, “I was taught by Emmanuel Sunji, my cousin. He taught me the kidnapping business and how to defraud people. I work together with ‘Foreigner’ who is also a member of my gang.”
The police said the young man he identified by the alias, Foreigner, is on the run. According to Nwobilo’s statement, while he r*ped some of their victims, Foreigner apparently dipped his fingers in their private parts.
According to Punch, the man lures his victims using tricycle riders. He revealed that he gave N1,500 to each rider to fuel their tricycles every day and they use this to kidnap their victims or in some cases, use them to transport victims they intend to defraud.
He said his gang made each scam victim swear an oath of secrecy about their encounter.
But some of the victims usually summoned the courage to report to the police.
He said, “I know that the police had been looking for me. I had been arrested many times in the past. But I usually settled the complainants.
“I have never been charged to court. I was once detained at the State Criminal Investigation Department in Umuahia on a case of a woman I defrauded of N50,000. I also raped the woman. But when I was arrested, I begged for the case to be settled out of court and compensated the woman with N100,000. The case was closed and I was not charged to court.”
Nwobilo’s recent arrest is a result of defrauding another victim of N800,000, which he has also confessed to.
Asked what he intended to do now that he had been recaptured by SARS on allegations of kidnapping, rape and advance fee fraud, Nwobilo explained that he was willing to pay back any of his victims who showed up.
Few months ago, Saturday PUNCH learnt that Nwobilo and his gang defrauded an unidentified woman of $10,000 (over N3m).
He was arrested alongside the individual said to be the leader of the gang. Nwobilo identified the man by the alias, ‘Double’
He said, “Double, who is our gang leader, got N1.7m out of the $10,000, while I got N840,000. Another member of our gang, Chidi, got N600,000.
“After we were arrested by the police, we were able to pay the woman back and we were cleared. The police did not charge us to court.”
Nwobilo said he intended to pay back the N800,000, he was accused of obtaining from his latest victim fraudulently.
“I can pay N400,000 now and the balance later. I don’t want to go to court, this is why I am pleading to be allowed to settle the case. If while I am in custody, any of the past victims come, I can settle them too,” he said.
The spokesperson for the Abia State Police Command was unreachable as of the time of filing this report.


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